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Behind the Lens & Story

I make COOL shit with COOL people. 


I love cameras, epic stories, and environments few would dare to work in.


Amidst the salty waters and snowy peaks of New England, I call Vermont home with my lady and adventure pup.


I am a specialty follow-cam skier and open water scuba certified cinematographer.  I am trained in wilderness first aid, AIARE Rescue, and have 2 decades of lighting a damn good frame.

Never Rest on Your Laurels...

My work as a commercial director of photography and filmmaker has been broadcast to the masses on networks (PBS, NBC, BBC, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL, etc), online platforms, and annually on various film festival circuits

... and apparently it is considered award winning.

I started Red Vault Productions over a decade ago as a company to change the world through cinema...

Co-founded Planet Axis as a platform to do so...

And believe that there are no bad days in the mountains, or on the water.

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